Our beergame facilitation software is a cross-platform client-server application that allows setting up ad-hoc beergame sessions in a class room or workshop context.

The software is essentially a server application, which is started by the instructor and configured using a web browser.

Once the instructor starts a new beergame event, students can simply log on to the server from their computers (either laptops, by using a wireless network, or from a lab computer). For doing so, the instructor simply hands out a URL to the students.

The only thing students need is a web browser with a flash plugin. The beergame frontend has been programmed in flash to provide an interactive game experience.

During play, the instructor is able to see the progression of the beergame in real-time (e.g. the bullwhip effect building up).

Also, more than one supply chain can be administered at the same time. Since the software supports various beergame options several rounds can be played with variation of the beergame.

For a more detailed overview see the features list, the technical details and the screenshots.

The software is available as a free download here.


Software idea, concept and visual design by Dr. Kai Riemer.

Technical design and implementation by Florian Christ.