Our software features a few unique selling points that sets it apart from the average beergame implementation in the market place.

Ad hoc use in workshops

Our software has deliberately been designed as a tool for facilitating face-to-face beergame workshops. Usually beergame implementations come as online version, where you would have to rely on third party servers and the unpredictable Internet connection speed. Our software can easily be administered using a set of USB sticks.

Information sharing capabilities

Our software is the only software in the market that not only allows simulating the traditional beergame experience, but also the demonstration of the positive effects of various suppy chain measures, such as supply chain redesign (shorten the delay and the chain), sharing of POS data, tracking and tracing, and ERP data access (inventory data sharing).

Hence, you are able to demonstrate the shortcomings of traditional supply chains by playing one traditional round of the game (without communication and information) and then show how IT and information sharing can help overcoming those problems, by using the various settings the game allows to change!

Interactive experience

Our software feature a modern flash-based interface that provides for an interactive game play. This makes up for a lack of physical experience as in the board game version.

Multi language support

The software provides a player front end with multi language support. While at the moment the software features English, German, Hungarian, Swedish and Danish, more languages can easily be added, since all textual elements are stored in XML files outside the main software.

Real-time data access

Our software allows the instructor to view the progression of the game in real-time. You can see cost, order and inventory data progressing in real-time. This allows you to comment on the progression during class sessions.

Convenient data usage

Upon finishing the game, the instructor is able to access a statistics window, which presents the most important key indicators (e.g. inventory fluctuation, etc.) for discussion with students. Also, all data is available in an interactive macro-based excel file, which allows creating figures and powerpoint slides with a few mouse clicks!