The following screenshots provide a brief overview of our beergame facilitation software.

  1. Create new event:Admin01- Start Event
  2. Name new event:Admin02- Create Event
  3. Choose game settings:Admin03- Game Settings
  4. Load pre-configured game settings:Admin04- Load Settings
  5. Software is documents with help texts throughout:Admin06- Help texts
  6. Allocate players to games:Admin08- Assign players
  7. Watch games in real-time as they progress:Admin09- Overview all games
  8. Detailed view of game in real time:Admin10- Game details
  9. Detailed game statistics available to the game administrator:Admin11- Statistics pop-up
  10. Admin backend available in English and German:Admin12- German language
  11. Our “non-alcoholic” version of the Beergame:Customizable- Juice game
  12. At the end of the game all data can be exported into Excel with a simple click:Excel-Export- Excel-View
  13. The Excel file contains a macro for Powerpoint generation:Excel-Export- Powerpoint
  14. The player view: waiting for the action to get under way:Player01- Game will start
  15. And off we go:Player03- Animation (with info)
  16. Players can switch between animation and table view of their game:Player04- table view
  17. Spanish version:Player05- Spanish language
  18. In this view players have access to information (POS info and shipping info):Player07- Wholesaler