In this section I will answer frequently asked questions concerned with using the beergame software or setting up suitable networks, etc.

Excel file does not download

Q: “After the players successfully played the beergame, I wanted to download the excel file from the Admin screen. However, upon pressing the button the file cannot be saved.”

A: “This sometimes happens; the reason is a security restriction in Macromedia Flash. The problem will be fixed in the upcoming version 1.2. For the time being, you need to copy the excel file manually. The file is always created when the game finishes and sits on your USB stick in a sub folder that is named by the event name you chose. The sub folder can be found in the following location: X:\tomcat\webapps\BeergameProject\beergame\SavedEvents with X being your stick’s drive letter. You can simply copy the file from there.”

Players losing network connection on Wireless network

Q: “I ran the game in my class but unfortunately I was only able to play for a few rounds before the students lost contact with the server that was running on my computer. They were not able to reconnect to it before I restarted the server, which of course meant that the game had to be restarted. I was running the game on a wireless network, could that have caused the problem?”

A: “The likely problem is that public Wireless networks tend to kick out connected computers quite frequently. Active computers automatically re-register with the network and receive a new IP address. Now, when surfing on the Internet the user does not even notice that. When the players in the beergame lose connection they can re-login to the server using the same combination of user name and e-mail address. However, if the server loses connection, this is fatal, no re-connect is possible, since the server IP changed. That is why I recommend using a cabled infrastructure or at least to connect the server via cable to the network. The easiest way of providing a reliable network infrastructure is to buy a cheap Wirless router, connect the server via cable to the box and setup your own temporary wireless network for the players (here you can tell the box not to re-new IPs). Or you get a s LAN switch in addition and a set of cables for connecting the players.”